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      Welcome to my web site!

One of my main interests is amateur ('ham') radio. A good portion of this web site is dedicated to that interest. Other interests are music, photography, Bible study, and a bit of genealogy.


Amateur Radio:     I am licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as an "Amateur Extra Class" operator, and the callsign I am assigned to use is AC5AA.  Click my QSL card at the left to go to my Radio page and learn more about my involvement in this hobby.


Photography:     I have been an amateur photographer ever since the family dubbed me the "unofficial photographer" as a teenager on a multi-week driving/camping trip across the USA back in 1964.  Then I used a new Nikkorex SLR camera and got bitten by the bug.  For about 10 years I shot with a fully automated Canon EOS-10s with a Canon 20-70mm, but then I went "retro" and shot with a Nikon FM3A and an assortment of manual focus lenses.  Eventually I needed to move back to auto-focus camera (F-100).  For a few of some of my shots, and a description of my daughter's photographic journey, click the camera at the right.


Genealogy:     While I started entering the family genealogy, my mother, Joyce, took over and did a super job of getting dates, names and such. It is already published by Broderbund on one of the Family Tree Maker CDs, and the link here will take you to an online page where it is readily viewed.


Bible Study:     How in the world did all of creation occur, and how does one begin to explain it?  We've seen the attempts by "science" which propose theories but don't prove them, but teach them as fact.  In reality, there is so much more to the story.  What does the ancient book we call the Bible have to say to us modern travelers on spaceship Earth?  A whole lot, it turns out.  I've found that I can't do anything else well unless I'm connected to my Creator, Savior, Provider and Sustainer!  And he has a lot to tell us.   Check this link out!


Music:   Not just another hobby, but a staple of life!  I've played guitar since I was a teen, and then learned the 5-string banjo and played bluegrass - sometimes with a country band at the NCO club while in Japan.  I really like the traditional Martin guitars, and the small luthiers who specialize in the "Pre-war" Martin designs.  Some of them, like Collings, Santa Cruz, etc., turn out some fantastic instruments.

If you have comments or questions, please send me a note via the email button. Thanks, and enjoy!

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"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up ..." 1 Thess 5:11

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